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Idea Street has developed a niche process to deliver more successful early stage businesses, starting as early as pre revenue or stage zero.  The best of innovation provides something totally new to do or new ways to tackle older ideas.  we are now all a bit blase with so many new phones, televisions and tablet computers.  There are some things we haven't yet seen and Idea Street finds those in need of demonstration where the extent of the development is less than obvious.

Spotting innovation opportunities in life as well as early stage businesses makes life more challenging.  In the UK we deliver too small a percentage of successful outcomes against start-ups in business and when we try to change how we do things.  Not changing is sometimes a  case of not breaking something not broken, but at others we resist like Luddites until a (maybe even pushy) demonstration shows us what's actually as plain as the nose on our face and we realise it is actually better!

Idea Street’s Process is a business model resulting from analysis of regularly observed gaps in the typical process.  Our Process has been fine-tuned following harsh experience and kind words and guidance and small success. 

We find early stage businesses commonly suffer from lack of business skills, funding, trust, financial organisational ability and entrepreneurial expertise.  These, along with sales management and marketing, are more often absent than present.  In business this is referred to as Route to Market.  We describe this as “the missing half of the new business”.   The measures of failure (one example, 78% failing, reported at the Business Angels conference in 2009) provide a sombre indictment of wasted effort, squandered resources and lost potential.  Of course a little money from sales at show works best of all to make the other things in business development possible!

Doing something different is opportunity for Idea Street.  Sometimes it works - you have to try.  At shows people like you soon tell us whether something will work when you do or don't put your hand in their pocket/purse!

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