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As the number of Idea Street projects increases we are looking for people in sales roles on stands at shows, exhibitions, markets and shopping centres, in the lead up to Christmas.  These are part-time self-employed roles in which you can expect your percentage of the sales you make, to return to you about £100 per day.  You should keep good records of the money you make to record it in your tax return.

A high standard of education will be a positive advantage as our products offer new and, we hope, better ways to do things in some way.  Our sales processes are supported by competent sales training and as you gain experience you will be able to use this in your CV and in communication in whatever chosen career paths you follow.  If you leave during this busy period, we ask you to complete the assignments for which we have committed or paid stand rent.  If you don't make the sales required we should expect to part at the end of that assignment, mutually happy we all tried and failed.

Shows and exhibitions tend to run at weekends, some starting on Friday.  Only one or two are longer. Our commtiment at Christmas markets and shopping centres will require opening all seven days and we will try to ensure you have at least one day off each week, or share the available sales days by arrangement. 

We will mainly be concentrating on the South East quarter of the UK, with one show in November in Birmingham and one in Glasgow we'd like to do.  We would like people to work close to where they live but to keep you busy we may offer you the chance to travel and pay reasonable expenses but you will only earn when you sell as a percentage of sales we agree.

We will pay the stand rent and we will sometimes set up the stand.  It will be a significant advantage if you have a car as we may be better able to offer more bookings if you can set up and take down the stand.  You will be responsible for keeping stock safe when you are on your own and accurately recording and depositing sales proceeds into the relevant business account each day.

Not exactly selling it are we!

YOU - you should be prepared to work very hard, be organised, able to speak English clearly and numerate, have a good sense of humour, be easy-going, endlessly patient and pleasant. In all cases you should be physically fit to be able to stand all day and be involved in the setup and breakdown of our simple stands.  One of the products finds us on our knees for part of the demonstration, with another it is essential you wear spectacles yourself.  Occasionally - insurances at major venues set a minimum age limit of people involved in stand setup and breadown of 18.   

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